Elegant and calm atmosphere

To us Christmas is special. It is magical. The glittering ornaments reminding us of ice crystals shining like little diamonds making everything around us look like a scene out of a Winter wonderland fairytale. Candlelight flickering in the dark creating shadows of glorious trees and winter animals on the walls making our surroundings play small cartoons in the silent coziness of the Christmas evenings.

Take a stroll outside in the cold crispy air and feel the fresh snow. Make your home a place to rejuvenate. Listen to the sound of a crackling fireplace and feel the warmth. Enjoy a tasteful hot chocolate and make your cold day even better. Decorate your tree with beautiful, classic, and glittering Christmas ornaments and baubles. Complete with a stunning topstar and feel the magic of Christmas in your home. Find comfort in your surroundings and create a home with personality and charm. 

"Enjoy the slow days, take deep breaths and live in the present and make it so beautiful that it will be worth remembering."


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Gorgeous Serafina tree and all of them are perfectly aligned with the Lene Bjerre elegance.

It's all in the details

The way we decorate for Christmas is by adding small and elegant details to our home to embrace the spirit of Christmas. Design your home with personality and soul. Discover our wonderful Christmas 2021 Collection.

The baubles and ornaments are handmade and look like they could be treasured heirlooms decorated with great perfection and care passed through generations. The colours are the traditional gold, silver, white, accompanied by the new colours powder and ant. Brown.

We have created the largest variety of gorgeous Serafina trees in light gold, silver, the popular black, and we have added linen, silver grey and powder to the selection. Several of them covered with beautiful velvet. There are a wealth of new designs and all of them are perfectly aligned with the Lene Bjerre elegance. 

Stunning christmas candles from Lene Bjerre

Flickering candle lights and calm moments

There is something special about Christmas time. It is the time to gather your loved ones in a cosy home setting and create your own magical ambience at home, where attention to the smallest details are in focus. The romantic patterns and soothing colors from the candlesticks add a harmonic aura to your Christmas home. Be surrounded by the soothing flickering candle lights and feel the warmth and magical atmosphere.

This year we have also developed three series full of nostalgia. Flowerpots, hanging ornaments, cute and happy angels, peace lillys, figurines, cones and rocking horses made from terracotta and wood. The Vindia, Angelia, and Hollie series really contribute to the nostalgic feeling of long loved Christmas traditions. Also adding to the antique feel of the Collection is Vintagia. Vintagia was a true bestseller in 2020 and for the 2021 Christmas Collection we have added several new items. You will find the most gorgeous candlesticks both for hanging from the ceiling or on the wall but also candlesticks than can give your Christmas dinner table an antique and grand look.

“Create a cosy atmosphere at home and make this December a Christmas to remember“

Beautiful Christmas dinnner table with soft and warm colors with Lene Bjerre

The magic feeling of Christmas

Experience the wonderful and magnificent Christmas spirit at home and let the sweet, sharp, and refreshing smell of pine trees fill the room. Add small and thoughtful Christmas décor around the house and feel the instant warmth and cosiness surrounding you. Invite your loved ones to a homecooked dinner and enjoy a decorated dinner table with soft and warm colors that radiate harmony, elegance, and the feeling of being united. Create the perfect setting for many lovely Christmas dinners to come.

Manifest the Christmas you truly desire and make your home aesthetically beautiful and personal. Lanterns, flowerpots, and trays with elegant mirror designs, tablecloths with beautiful, embroidered dots, and the most beautiful, lifelike faux trees, beautiful lacquered twisted taper candles, along with a large selection of perfectly crafted LED candles completes the Christmas 2021 Collection. Find inspiration in our Christmas 2021 Collection and experience the amazing feeling of nostalgia. 

Let us keep Christmas beautiful

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