A blush of flickering candlelight and enjoyable moments 

This Christmas at Lene Bjerre is centred around the combination of brilliance and diamond glitter with the familiarity of stunning, pleasant, classic colors. Dive into a universe of majestic ornamentation and decorate a calm and harmonic home for Christmas. This year, we remember our old traditions during Christmas and mix them with natural shapes and elegant long-lasting designs that give each home soul and character.

Experience how the calm and magnificent Christmas spirit will imbue your home with an elegant and warm atmosphere when you place a couple of beautiful candles in the room. Enjoy the peaceful blush from the sight of candlelight and feel those magical moments during Christmas time. Creating special and cosy memories this Christmas is something that everybody strives for. 

Let in the pleasant atmosphere of this Christmas and enjoy peaceful moments with your loved ones.

Experience the laidback feeling of Christmas

Christmas is not just a season - it is a feeling. The Christmas spirit is everywhere and is made out of everything we do and experience. Listen to the sound of a crackling fireplace while you enjoy a tasteful warm beverage in your own pleasant atmosphere. Take a stroll through the forest and smell the lovely odor of pine trees, while you walk on the crispy snowy ground. 

Sensing the surrounding of nature and its imperfect and stunning shapes have inspired the creation and design philosophy of this Christmas collection. Experience a cosy oasis of warmth by inviting nature into your home and discover new ways of how to create a calm Christmas home with attention to well-being and sanctuary.


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Majestic and traditional expressions

Christmas can be decorated in many ways, however, the most prominent thing to remember is that each piece of home decor can tell a story and add up to the cosy atmosphere in a home. How will you tell your own story? This Christmas, we create a brilliant and sparkling expression with our new dazzling Christmas collection, which draws inspiration from the feeling of being inside a majestic citadel, where glittering candles lights up the hall.

Feel how the glow of the elegant candlesticks adds a harmonic texture to your room and make it a comfortable and pleasing place to be in. The metallic look from the antique gold coloured candlesticks adds a touch of royalty and a majestic mood to your Christmas decor. The shapes and colours add an elegant contrast to the more traditional Christmas colours, that in combination can give a new perspective on decorating your home for the holidays. 

"This Chrismas is all about creating your own personal mood and expression in your room."


Sensing the calm moments of a wonderful Christmas

Comfortable evenings. Deep breaths. A pleasant atmosphere surrounded by organic shapes and inspirational colours.

This Christmas is all about creating your own magical mood in your home, where the attention to the small expressive and unique details are in focus. Let in the Christmas spirit and cherish the moments together with your loved ones.

Feel how a decorated dinner table with small baubles and characterful tableware in warm colours can create an enjoyable aura around your home. Let the curvy and soft shapes of our tableware set the perfect setting for many lovely Christmas dinners to come.

"Be mindful and discover the subtle details that make your Christmas home memorable."



Combining metallic surfaces with Nordic colours

Nature has its way of breathing life into our home decoration. The natural and organic textures add a pleasant atmosphere to our Christmas home. Discover how metallic surfaces in antique gold together with warm traditional and feminine Christmas colours can create a new world of inspirational decoration possibilities. Renew your home and follow your own path towards a truly unique and aesthetic way of perceiving how this Christmas should be decorated.

A mix of metallic nuances together with soft colours and shapes creates a stylish expression for your home. The metallic look draws parallels to the imagination of having great and glorious items that add a feeling of pompousness. The blend with the warm colours of the stunning Christmas textiles makes a unique contrast which both makes your home stand out and appear cosy and pleasant this Christmas.

"The Christmas spirit inspires us to create cosy corners which help us relax and enjoy the moment."

Timeless design - Create a 'reuseable' atmosphere

Christmas is a time full of great traditions and remembering our heritage. This is also seen in the way that we decorate our homes for Christmas. Adding small and characterful details around the house with traditional shapes and expressions is what creates that memorable Christmas atmosphere. 

The items from our new Christmas collection are designed with an eye on the traditional details but with a subtle flavor of organic and warm textures. We want to offer a selection of handmade and authentic pieces of Christmas decor, which can be reused for next year’s Christmas. Designing long-lasting products, which can be used in combination with other types of Christmas decor is of high importance to us. We want to offer items, that can inspire you in new and creative ways.

Create a sanctuary - cherish the calm moments

At Christmas, a dose of “hygge” is imbued into everything that we do and experience during this magical time. We cherish all of the small and pleasant moments, that we enjoy together with our loved ones. 

Create your own personal sanctuary in your room and emphasize the feeling of well-being around the home while you cuddle up with a warm blanket and a delicious cup of tea. Decorate your Christmas home with all those expressions that create a comfortable place for you to be at. Add a variety of decorative details to your home this Christmas and feel how the room gets brighter and warmer. Remember to breathe out and cherish the small moments where you can walk quietly around your home and feel the Christmas spirit draw its cosiness close to you.

Sustainability - Celebrate the season in a mindful way

Living in a home with sustainable decor should evoke a feeling of inspiration and comfort when you enter the room. 

This Christmas, our goal is to inspire you with all of our natural and organic shapes. Explore our vast universe of handmade items that pay attention to the beauty of the small imperfections in each item. We use a variety of sustainable materials where it makes sense for us so that we can offer you the best possible quality. Feel the quality and experience the passionated craftsmanship and care put into each item. 

Celebrate Christmas in a thoughtful way and design a wonderful home with character and soul - tell your own story.

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