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Make a statement in your home décor by grouping your decorative objects. Whether it is vases, candlesticks, or small trinkets you can use them as strong design element by grouping them – and remember to always group an odd number of items!

We love to combine fine, classic items with raw edgy items to get a personal look.

Mixing classic designs and materials as glass vases shaped in organic shapes and earthy colors with trendy objects in a raw finish gives your styling the perfect amount of classyness. And when you add small heirlooms and decorative trinkets you also add personality.

This autumn | winter we give you a wealth of new design objects. Classic glass items, rustic figurines, and gorgeous marble items.


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Decorative trinkets add personality Lene Bjerre

Decorative trinkets add personality

Originally a candlestick was a simple cup or spike used to hold the candle upright and catch the dripping wax as it melts. But gradually the candlestick has evolved from being a purely utilitarian item into being pieces of decorative silverware. Candelabras were once used for decoration in larger, wealthier homes and specifically on dining tables for formal occasions. And although they were practical creating far more light than a single candlestick, the design of the candelabra was predominantly for aesthetic purposes. 

New and cool Sofine lamps. They are both elegant and feminine with the rounded and ornamented details, but they also have a touch of masculinity. And they are made from 100% recycled aluminum. We love the look!

Home full of harmony and balance Lene Bjerre

Soft and warm colours for the colder months

It is important to make your own home comfortable for you to relax and recharge in. Add some warmth to the autumn months with gorgeous candlelights, a soft throw, and a wealth of chic cushions for the sofa. Take the time to decorate with rustic figures, stunning marble items, and other decorative trinkets, which fit your personality. Enjoy the homely bliss and create a home full of harmony and balance.

Your home is a place to rejuvenate. We spend more and more time at home in these uncertain times. Make your home ready for the colder months and dive into classic and gorgeous items from our autumn | winter collection 2021.  



Dive into our gorgeous Autumn | Winter collection 2021

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