Gorgeous designs and craftsmanship

The new Autumn | Winter collection is an elegant collection combined with our characteristic classic & feminine touch. We take pride in creating beautiful timeless designs that can live and survive for the years to come. True timeless design, must be sustainable and last for the years to come, that’s why we value craftsmanship and classical design so much.
We value the origin of our designs and in this collection, you can enjoy mouth-blown glasses, handpainted tableware, elaborated towel knitting techniques, age-old hand printing techniques called block printing, handmade artificial flowers and plants, high quality and long-lasting candles and much more.  

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Classic tableware setting with plates, glasses, jugs chopping boards

The love for the details

We simply love details here at Lene Bjerre.

Adding the extra little detail to the figurine, using a leather strap on a cushion, applying a specific species of wood with special capabilities in our furniture or maybe adding some weight to an item to make it more sturdy. All small details that, at a glance, can be overlooked, but we believe that these details make designs truly remarkable and long-lasting. 

By going the extra mile for our designs concerning the details, we are confident that it adds to the longevity of the designs and furthermore gives character and personality that will survive for the years to come.   

Take some time to explore the beauty in the details, you will maybe find something you've overlooked the first time. Time to study the craftsmanship, the level of detail and some quirky features in the Autumn | Winter 2019 collection.


The fine art of making a house into a home

"Hygge" goes far in illuminating the Lene Bjerre DNA. That is why we strive to incorporate cosiness in all the work we do, both in our designs but also in our company. We believe that the art of "hygge" and cosiness is something that turns houses into homes. Our take on "hygge" in our designs is creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the small things in life together with the people you love. Basically, all the things we value the most in life; warmth, details, family and friends. 

The pure act of making your own comfortable oasis for you to relax and recharge is also in the act of "hygge". An oasis where you can be with friends and family, discussing the big and small things in life in the warm glow of candlelight, wrapped in a cosy throw. Take the time to decorate with small quirky things, which fits your personality, and enjoy the quiet moments in life with studying them or moving them around to create a more dynamic and lively interior. 

We create a mood in your room.

Autumn | Winter must-haves

Gorgeous high quality red wine glasses, white wine glasses, cocktail glasses and water glasses

Gorgeous Victorinne glasses

We are proud to introduce our brand new gorgeous glass series consisting of every glass you need to decorate a stylish and perfect dining table. The Victorinne glass series consists of water glasses, champagne glasses, red wine glasses, white wine glasses and cocktail glasses. Victorinne glasses are mouthblown, which makes each glass unique with its own personal story to tell.

We always take great pride in the small details in our designs as we believe this gives character and personality. Instead of painting a smoke colour in the lower part of the Victorinne glasses, the smoke colour is solid in the glass instead. This small detail causes that the colour will not get worn out by repeated use and the glasses can be used for the years to come. 

Timeless and classic black bathroom accessories consisting of a soap dispenser and towel

Timeless Portia bathroom accessories

Portia is our long-time classic bathroom series, where we continuously have developed and added new colours to the existing range. The classic and timeless Harlequin pattern along with the fine metal edges gives an exclusive look and luxurious finish. This design truly never goes out of style.

The Portia series is created through a series of complex production processes that consists of different moulds, slow cooling, carefully high gloss glazing and much more. Each production process requires the highest form of craftsmanship to ensure our trademark high quality, a process which takes time.

Time we take to ensure the best possible outcome. 

In love with our new Autumn | Winter 2019 collection?

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