Agents & Sales Representative

Lene Bjerre is represented by agents and sales representative in 13 European countries.
Our team of agents are all located in their respective country and speak the parent language, why they all have a close relation to our retailers. Our agents and sales representative put high value in building up a close relation and cooperation with our retailers.

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Meet our Lene Bjerre sales team

Our Lene Bjerre sales team are located at the head office in Nibe in Denmark and are always ready to guide you through our assortment to make sure that we assemble the perfect assortment for your business. We are also happy to help you through your daily challenges within sales. Our sales team build up close cooperation with our retailers to ensure a great collaboration. 

"We are incredibly pleased with this cooperation.
We are presented several times a year with a wide range of exciting products, at great prices, as well as high quality.
As a webshop, it is a pleasure to create products from Lene Bjerre, as image material, texts and files are delivered to us on an easy and accessible way, and here the quality is high"

- Carsten Hornsleth - Owner of By Hornsleth