Interior guru Abigail Ahern at Formex: The most significant trends for autumn/winter 2018

Say hello to more unique interior items, dark colours, a mix of textures and lighting, lighting and lighting.



A new autumn/winter season has begun and brings some very interesting new perspectives to all interior enthusiasts. We met the British star designer Abigail Ahern at her fantastic trend exhibition at Formex in Stockholm to talk about some of the new waves within interior design and her view on what will be most significant for this autumn/winter and the next seasons to come.


The craving for unique and everlasting interior  

Trend exhibition at Formex (1920x1280)

Autumn/winter trend exhibition at Formex in Stockholm by Abigail Ahern (August 2018)


The autumn/winter trend exhibition at Formex styled by Abigail Ahern is a real masterpiece of the fantastic interior from different brands combined into a balanced harmony of 'slow living'. It has a vibe of wilderness and camp feeling but at the same time, it is a luxury experience filled with gorgeous furniture and lots of unique pieces.
And precisely the uniqueness in interior design is something Abigail Ahern sees as a wave, from which we will see more of. When we ask her why she has picked out Lene Bjerre items for this trend exhibition, she underlines that she looked for pieces that are not just beautiful but also pieces that have a story to tell.

- I’ve showcased the coolest products that are found in Formex this season. I’ve selected products from Lene Bjerre because they are incredibly beautiful. They have a narrative. It’s almost like you can see the hands that made them.

This interest in decorating with unique pieces is also an expression of how we, in a world that moves so fast, actually want to live with pieces we can stand still with for a while.

- I think that interior is all about buying into products you don’t want to get rid of the next seasons. So products that are organic, handmade, slightly wibbly wobbly and quality. I think that makes them really tactile and capable of wanting to have them for a really long time.

Only follow trends that fit your personal style

With this new wave of desire to live among unique and everlasting interior design pieces, we also tend to deal with trends from a much more personal point of view. It is always exciting to explore new trends but today it is more about finding a way to merge trends into our own personal style instead of following everything the trends dictate.

Abigail Ahern is one of the designers who are very known to have her own unique style and she has a very clear message when it comes to trends.

- The thing about trends is that they are quite transient. People buy into them or not, but I think that when you follow your heart, like I do in my designs, and you decorate with things that you literally love, you shouldn’t think of trends as coming and going.

Trends will always be a fantastic way of finding inspiration though. They are a reflection of the time we live in and give us the opportunity to expand and play with our own personal style.

This season Abigail Ahern especially picks out three main trends, that will characterize this autumn and winter.

3 main trends for this autumn/ winter

It’s that time of the season where the new fantastic autumn/winter trends will appear in all interior shops and from here find their way to our homes. The exhibition is Abigail Ahern’s take on how trends for this autumn/winter will come to live, and in her opinion, there are three main trends, which will be dominant this season.

1. A shift from light and bright


Photo from the AW2018 collection by Lene Bjerre

- I think the world is kind of shifting slightly from being light and bright and is now embracing sludgy and inky hues, which is beautiful.

The love of dark interior has been growing for some time, but this autumn and winter it really finds its place. The dark colours give a certain sophistication to a room but also have a calming feel.

This season at Lene Bjerre we've had focus on creating a playful interplay between dark colors within our interpretation of the Japandi style. We have used dark tree sorts for furniture, which our new Emiko tables are an example of, and played with both cold and warm dark colors in textiles and other materials. 

2. Texture is paramount

AW18_2_1080x1350pxPhoto from the AW2018 collection by Lene Bjerre

- I think more than ever, we want really beautiful squidgy homes that make us feel incredibly comfortable, and texture completely does that.

The mixing of different kinds of textures and materials give the opportunity to play with our personal style. Golden and brass metallics, terrazzo, handmade pieces and organic shapes. This is just a few of the trending textures this autumn and winter.

Texture is something we always focus on at Lene Bjerre. This season we have especially played with a lot of japanese techniques to show new interesting textures. Velvet is yet again one of the most loved textures this season. It is very versatile and adds both a cosy vibe but also a luxurious feeling to a room. At Lene Bjerre, one of our favourite pieces from our AW2018 collection is the Santena chair, which is inspired by Italian furniture from back in the 1950s. The chair comes in both dark blue and purple.


3. Let there be light

AW18_3_1080x1350pxPhoto from the AW2018 collection by Lene Bjerre


- The third thing but absolutely the most important thing, and something you guys in Scandinavia do so well, is lighting and how transformative it is.

This season lamps will be a key element instead of just being a complementary piece. In those autumn evenings, the right lighting is just the thing to set a cosy mood in our homes. This season there will be lamps in all shapes and sizes, and especially supersize lighting will be on trend. We will see both industrial lamps with rustic finishes. Lamps in soft gold that brings a certain warmth and mellowness and also extravagant and almost sculptural mid-century lamps.

Another mid-century lighting trend is "the white domes". White globes with soft shapes, simple details and sharp finish that really shows sophistication. At Lene Bjerre, we have interpreted that into our Hokona lamp, which is a combination of metal and matt white glass that gives it an elegant and timeless look. The Hokona lamp comes both in black and gold and as a pendant and table lamp.



About Abigail Ahern

Abigail Ahern is known as one of the most influential tastemakers within interior design. Her career started in the USA, where she has been styling everything from residential properties to the Ritz Carlton Palm Beach hotel. She founded her own retail business in 2003, and the Abigail Ahern London store has been voted by Elle decoration to be one of the coolest places to shop. Her signature style is known for its dark inky colour palette and for being a fantastic laidback mix of eclecticism and glamour, which has won over design insiders, press and celebrity clientele like actress Gwyneth Paltrow.

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